Being kind.

I run a kind gang. I turn the other cheek. I give the benefit of the doubt. I firmly believe an eye for an eye and the world goes blind.

I also make mistakes. I get caught up in my emotions. I lose the ability to see the big picture from time to time. I, like most humans, choose to suffer.

I’m learning that having boundaries isn’t mean or unkind. It is, in fact, the kindest thing you can do. It’s wearing your oxygen mask so that you can share your gifts with others.

We are only capable of change within ourselves. We are blessed to be the change we want to see in the world. We can lead others to knowledge, however we cannot make them think.

Being kind does not mean accepting bullshit. It does not mean allowing negativity and poor decisions in your orbit. It means having the integrity to stand up for what you believe in and say goodbye to things that hurt your soul. It’s not mean, it’s not unkind, it is love.

Love for your values and priorities. Love for your spirit and your soul. Love for others – allowing them to be who they are without condoning it or excusing it. Choose the right path – every moment is a choice. Every single second we get to determine which way we are going and what steps we will take to get there. We can choose to lie to pacify or to stand in our truth and hold our head high.

Stand with me. Hold the line. Stay true to the greater good.

We can do this together. And if you’re not ready, that’s OK – the door is always open should you change your mind.

Namaste my friends.



I’ve started a bazillion blogs lately. And finished exactly zero.

That says a lot.

I process out loud. I share my thoughts as they come to me and this how I walk through them. When I get quiet, that’s when trouble is a brewing. I’m sitting in it. I literally plop down, halt all action, and remain stuck. All the while looking around and wondering why things suck. So I get moving and think I am on the right the path – when in reality I am now attempting to go around it. I will volunteer for a thousand things, I will start a new project, I will change something – anything to avoid the massive elephant in the room.

Some of these are good things, don’t get me wrong. They are also avoidance techniques.

It occurred to me this morning – as I feel anxiety over what to do next (side note, I hardly ever get anxious – I’m more of a buckle down boot strap kinda gal, so the what if’s don’t stress me out) – that it’s time. Time to take a good hard look at me. Time to climb that next personal mountain. Time to feel some feelings I would prefer to avoid.

In the last 5 years I have changed literally everything – husbands, houses, companies, cars, hair, habits – you name it, I’ve adjusted it. Yet I feel stuck. I see that very little forward progress has been made. I’m sitting and spinning – stalled in front of a pile of feelings.

And yet I’m in the middle of another big move.

Maybe it’s not my address, maybe it’s not my relationship, maybe it’s not my marketing, maybe it’s not my addiction to plants vs zombies, maybe it’s not my clothes – maybe it’s me.

I’m the constant.

How’s that for a duh moment?

Maybe y’all figured this out already. Maybe you know the way to save yourself before you go running around keeping busy saving everyone and everything else.

Seems like I need to stop and put my oxygen mask on first. Whatever I’m inhaling right now is not serving me.

So I start small, I make a list of things to do today based on where I want to go and what I want to do. And I stop myself when I go off track. I am finishing what I’ve started – I am focusing on my big why – my babies. To be the absolute best human I can possibly be and provide them with the tools, teachings, experiences, emotions, and attention they deserve to use their gifts and blossom further into the amazing blessings that they are. Lead by example.

How do I do this?

With a focus on integrity, truth, values, and authenticity. With an open mind and spirit. With the energy and guidance of the universe supporting me. With love and forgiveness.

One breath at a time.